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Boat Rides to Potomac and Occoquan River Eateries

Roundtrip rides to local restaurants. Depart from the Town of Occoquan Wharf ( behind Madigans Restaurant) go downriver to the Electric Palm, Watersedge or out onto the Potomac River to Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant and Crab house. To Tim’s is 70 minutes one way, the boat stays there with you while you enjoy eating, drinking and partying for 2+ hours, then a 70 minute return ride to Occoquan. Cost $30 per person, under 12 is $15. For these rides Beer/Wine are available, water, soda, juice and chips also. We can arrange light foods for the rides. Typically departs every Saturday night but Capt. Mark wants to encourage any other evening of the week, all tickets must be booked in advance.

Tim’s has some well known events like the Polar bear Plunge, Waterstock and Roar at the Shore which are best attended by boat ( Tim’s parking is limited and a little challenging to have to use ). His “Not on the 4th” Fireworks is known thru-out the Potomac River basin. Plan early and book your seats for one of the events.

A new facility has opened on the Occoquan River. The Landing at Occoquan Harbor Marina, run by Chef Troy Clayton, offers a fine waterfront dining experience for the patrons of Rivershore Charters. Departing from the Town of Occoquan Wharf ( behind Madigans Waterfront Restaurant), the ride will be 60-75 minutes in length, going downriver with a loop out into Belmont Bay ( hopefully with an eagle sighting or two). Then 2+ hours at The Landing which is followed by a return ride of about 20 minutes back to Occoquan. Cost is $25 for adults, $10 for children.

2015 RESERVATION POLICY. All rides to eateries require a reservation by phone or thru the website, Buy Your Tickets button, All rides to the eateries can be purchased either here on the web site, by phone with cc or thru one of the Groupon, LivingSocial type websites. There will now be a $5 reservation fee charged on ALL tickets. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE but can be used on the boat for any concession offered.
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